You’re my BF4E+E+E+E+E+E+E+E!

Oh Emaline, My valentine!



Ready for me to get real deep? As a true believer in astrology, Em and I are most certainly BFF soul mates. There is no doubt in my mind that we have been intertwined and spent multiple past lives together. She is the peanut butter to my jelly, the chips to my veggie burger, the keeper of my secrets , and usually the source of my deepest belly laughs! She and I can have the simplest low key hang out sesh’s or the most powerful of long thoughtful conversations.

As my dad said, you can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you cant pick your friends nose! Well… this totally doesn’t apply to me. You see I didn’t choose to be Emily’s friend, and I also know that I could indeed pick her nose if I so choose to and it wouldn’t even be the slightest bit weird. Let me rewind a little bit here….When I was just 4 and she was just 5 starting kindergarden, we had a mutual friend, Allyse.


Allyse was my first friend. She was the neighbor that lived at the top edge of my yard and she had a friend named Emily and Arty who lived down the street, just a hop, skip, and a jump. I obviously don’t remember our first encounter with each other, as I was only just our of my toddler years. I don’t remember all the countless trips we’ve taken to Dick and Junes Ice cream, or where all our scar from playing the yard, or even where the boundaries for man-hunt were in the neighbor hood were placed. One thing I do know is that the memories that were created somehow slip into the forefront every once and a while and when we do remember, or are reminded by our parents its like a special moment that can never be replaced or replicated.

Having a friend that is like a sister, someone who is dependable to all ends and that will be there for you with out judgement is the greatest gift of them all. I am so lucky and blessed that that girl down the street ended up as one of my friends.


Everything happens for a reason. We both know that we were meant to be each others Bestie, and our history can be changed, but it’s still a really weird thought to think: what if. What if we didn’t grow up in the same neighborhood? What if we just met each other in the last couple of years, or months for that matter? What if we never met? I know that for a fact our lives would have turned out completely different….

We grown and shaped our personalities on our own experiences, had the exceptional experience of influencing each other and learning from each others mistakes. Oh what would I do with our you?  REALLY ?!

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