You can’t always pick your friends, but you can pick their nose.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 6.50.15 PM I had a conversation this morning with someone about childhood/ lifelong friends, and of course I had a lot to say. As a child you grow up in a neighborhood, where typically other kids grow up to. You hang out with them because of connivence and eventually as your grow old you grow up and apart or someone moves or you have a fight about cutting a barbie dolls hair or that you never returned their favorite dress up heels. Well for me that was obviously different because me and my bestie grew up together and were forever bonded with each other. We actually are the closest of friends and can be completely our childish selves or we can hang out in a mature manor. She encourages me to be my wacky and creative self, she goes along with my weird shenanigans and helps me be a better person. Whatever it might be, I know that she has my back (always), that she can cheer me up, that if I ever needed anything she would be there, and that she knows I feel the same. You see we didn’t have a choice as kids, our friendship was just that, but without her I know that I would not be the person I am today without her. She gets me, and I get her. Thats the way a  true friendship is, a soulful one, a lifelong friend.

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