the sweet taste of summer

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I just love summer, the heat, the watermelon, the outfits… everything about summer. I am so blessed to be near the ocean. I feel like some of us take it for granted because it has always just been right down the street. There’s nothing like picking out your favorite suit for the day, slathering on some SPF and packing a cooler full of treats and nourishment for the day.

Some of my favorite memories were created on the shore of the atlantic ocean, and heck most of them were because my high school was right on the edge. But Im not talking about those memories, I’m talking about racing through the hot sand to dip in the salty sea. The taste of salt lingering on your lips as you eating your lunch. Rushing to catch the frisbee that somehow seems so close, yet it was 20 yards away when you reached for it. The color of fruit punch cool-aid replacing the highlights in your hair from the sun. The watermelon slushies ( yes I’m aware this is the second time mentioning watermelon in this post) I do just love watermelon!

I try to always live life presently, however I find myself constantly wishing for winter in the summer and vise-versa. Its not because I’m trying to beat the heat, or stay warm… it’s because I equally love both seasons so much ! I’m already thinking about what kind of skis I want for next season and where I plan on getting passes ……

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