The Boudoiraton !

Cheers to a successful first Boudoiraton, at the Garrison Boutique Inn, located in Newburyport ! So fun, I can’t wait for the next one in May. If your interested in joining, there are still a few slots left May 1st and 2nd! Contact Annmarie at

allyc-2 christine-16 laurenm-10 jen-17 kellie-20 laurenp-21

gabby-15 gabby-9 jackiea-13 laurenp-17 leah-7 jen-22

gabby-5 christine-23 christine-8 kellie-16  laurenm-18 laurenp-7 jen-4 kellie-26 laurenm-13 laurenp-11 leah-6 jackiea-7   allyc-15 jackiea-14 allyc-21

<3  xo , until next time ladies : stay beautiful and love the skin your in :)

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