(This image discusses vulnerability as well as the previous day) Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 5.16.07 PM

Vulnerability is a very powerful emotion. Some people try to avoid it, others let it get the best of them, I usually try to remain in a state of openness. It is a very difficult to let all your protective walls down.

Yesterdays portrait was not explained, yet because I feel like it stands on its own. I challenge you all to continue the rest of the day living openly and staying vulnerable. Being truthful to what you want and need in love is the only way to really get to where you want to be.

(an outtake)

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2/30 Annette in August

This image discusses sexuality and ideals of seduction)


When in college, I read a ton of article and watched a few documentaries on
Jean Kilbourne. Kilbourne is an author and film maker that studies and
analysis’ of women depicted in the media. Over the years she would thumb
through magazines and clip or tear pages of ads/spreads of woman
objectified as sexual figures. With the creation of her documentaries, her
goal was to make her audience aware of this common conception of woman
hoping to fix or change her audiences views.

* For more information on this subject check out her films in Advertising’s
Image of Women series:* *Killing Us Softly: Advertising’s Image of Women,
Still Killing Us Softly,* *Killing Us Softly 3,* and Killing Us Softly 4.

(An outtake)


1/30 Annette in August

(This image discusses the ideals of women, fertility, failures and defeat.)day1-annette

Hooray! Annette is back, and as ready as ever. I haven’t quite decided ( well actually I guess I have) if I really want to give away all of meaning to each piece. I have always enjoyed art more that gives me the ability to interpret, on an individual perspective. I think that giving the viewer an entire analysis of why every thing is the way that it is ruins the freedom and creativity to each individual viewer.

So, I would just like to thank the stupid teenager who egged my car last night for pushing this idea to happen earlier than expected. Originally, I had planned a similar idea in my mind, but it didn’t really come to the surface until this morning (at 2am when I was washing my car off). Not only was I aggravated that I was cutting into my sleep but I was upset because it is totally wasteful to drive around with the intention of wasting dozen and dozens of eggs…. (and here I am wasting two more) plus I hate the smell- yuck.


(an outtake…)