Oh, the places you will go!

“Oh, the places you will go!” my journal entry from my first trip to Disney World (pics to come later) 

Its the most magical place on earth. Its the only place you can go and just forget who you are. You revert back to being a kid. You cry at the gates of the magical kingdom. Everything you could ever possibly dream of is there. Its magnifigant. These are all things that I have heard, but “What?! you’ve never been there?!” Yes, I Know I can’t believe that I have never not been there either, but when it came down to decided wheiter me and my brother wanted to go to Dominican Republic or Disney when I was 15, I wanted to see the world… Disney would always be there. So years went by, non-believers still questioned me, and I continued to see the world not Disney. Continue reading

Any one for a Sloppy-Jo?

So I have decided to feature a different creative person once a month. Someone who I admire, look up to, or just appreciate their work. As the first month I decided to talk a little bit about my dear old friend, past pen pal, Joanna.

check out her sweet Etsy shop, where she collects old and vintage items and article of clothing. In her own words “I’m a lover of all things vintage and retro inspired. I collect old zines, women’s clothing/accessories, kitchenware, art, and records to name a few. In addition to my love of vintage finds, I am an artist specializing in mixed media with a heavy influence from photosilkscreen. Find these items and more in Sloppy Jo’s Sloppy Second’s store!”


Continue reading

#SwiftlyPainted Selfie challenge: November, I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead….

November: Shout out happy birthday to Annmarie! Writing prompt: Describe a person place or thing that you depend on emotionally. Create an image of you with a mask / disguise.Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 1.07.22 PM

Soo Soooo sorry that I never got a chance to blog yesterday, on the first ! How irresponsible of me ?! I just wanted to apologize to all my blog followers for leaving you in the dark, but  I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere. A lot has been going on in my life and that brings me to my next point.

Right around this time of year, the leaves are falling, the air gets cooler, the days feel shorter and the nights seem neverending. I have been expeirencing insomnia for quite some time now. I work overnight everother weekend as my part-time job, however on my days off I still am up most all hours of the night. I usually force my self to sleep around 430- 5 am and with that I end up sleeping throughout the morning and into most of the early afternoon. It really feels like such a waste of the day. I hate it.

With the long hours of the daylight in the summer it doesn’t seem so bad; however, in late fall,  and winter, the days are cut shorter and shorter- depriving the life of the nocturnal of the sunshine and vitimin D that your body needs.

People don’t always understand how important it is, and how you take things like this for granted, I know I did before I started working 3rd shift 2 or 3 years ago. Let me tell you something though, just as the saying goes…. you never miss something until its gone.

I relay on one thing to help me get through the winter, people think I’m nuts, many think I need to settle down and grow up, some get jealous, others think I’m putting things off, and the biggest accusation is that I am running away from my problems. Here’s the thing, in a way I am running away… I am running away from those feelings and emotions that I experience throughout the winter. Season depression, can be hard and some learn how to cope with medication, others live under a rock for the few months of the year….. I myself, I get outside, I say active, I ski.

Skiing is the one thing that I love equally to photography. When I am prompted to “describe your self in 5 words:” I always answer with: Photographer(artist), skier, vegetarian, creative, weird. Its simple. So although some people get jealous and think that I am being irresponsible and childish, I’m living my life- I’m doing what I need to do to maintain my happy life. I ski for me and I do it because I love it. At the end of the day what’s life worth living if you can’t enjoy it…. Sleep when your dead 😉

Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 1.06.07 PM

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I’ll forever be bonded to my highschool

Picture 12

Forever. Eternity. Those two words are everlasting adjectives to describe the bond that will forever be sealed with my fellow peers from my years as a teen. It’s such a crucial time of you life when you transition from childhood to a young adult. You make decsions and choose a path that ultimatly takes you to the road of your future and forms you into the person that you a will become. For me, Landmark changed my path.

No doubt I would have dropped out of  highschool at age 16. I would have had a 3rd grade reading level. I would have ended up in a very different life then the one I am living today.

Entering 8th grade I started at the elementry-middle school at landmark barley able to read, stuggled with comprehension, and was unable to organized my thoughts, never-mind have the capabilities to put them down on paper.

Just like myself, everyone at Landmark School had a similar history. I’ll forever be bonded to my highschool peers Continue reading

You can’t always pick your friends, but you can pick their nose.

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 6.50.15 PM I had a conversation this morning with someone about childhood/ lifelong friends, and of course I had a lot to say. As a child you grow up in a neighborhood, where typically other kids grow up to. You hang out with them because of connivence and eventually as your grow old you grow up and apart or someone moves or you have a fight about cutting a barbie dolls hair or that you never returned their favorite dress up heels. Well for me that was obviously different because me and my bestie grew up together and were forever bonded with each other. We actually are the closest of friends and can be completely our childish selves or we can hang out in a mature manor. She encourages me to be my wacky and creative self, she goes along with my weird shenanigans and helps me be a better person. Whatever it might be, I know that she has my back (always), that she can cheer me up, that if I ever needed anything she would be there, and that she knows I feel the same. You see we didn’t have a choice as kids, our friendship was just that, but without her I know that I would not be the person I am today without her. She gets me, and I get her. Thats the way a  true friendship is, a soulful one, a lifelong friend.