Oh, the places you will go!

“Oh, the places you will go!” my journal entry from my first trip to Disney World (pics to come later) 

Its the most magical place on earth. Its the only place you can go and just forget who you are. You revert back to being a kid. You cry at the gates of the magical kingdom. Everything you could ever possibly dream of is there. Its magnifigant. These are all things that I have heard, but “What?! you’ve never been there?!” Yes, I Know I can’t believe that I have never not been there either, but when it came down to decided wheiter me and my brother wanted to go to Dominican Republic or Disney when I was 15, I wanted to see the world… Disney would always be there. So years went by, non-believers still questioned me, and I continued to see the world not Disney. This trip was an on the fly trip. After a week long vaca at lake Winni I took a 45 minute detour to Ossipee to stop to hang out with the coooooolest Aunt and Uncle ever. Feeling nostalgic I ran into the lake and flipped my hair in the water, layed on the beach bathing in the sun as my Auntie Jan _____ a chair ( its her thing) and my uncle wayne painted the side of the camp. As we were sitting on the beach, she told me of the trip to Disney that they would be taking to see kevin run in the half marathon with his girlfriend 😉 Shannon. Shannon is soooooo sweet I just adore her. So the same statements and questions came up, just as the always do BUT this time it was followed with an invitation: “come with us!”  So in the next couple of months I tried to figure our a way to finagle a way to get some vacation time from work and figured something out. yay!!!!!!

So booking my flight last weekend (or something crazy like that) and hanging on every word from the representatives from disney over the phone as I tried to buy a park hopper pass last minute… here I am sitting in Miami….. yes my layover is in FL- lol. I dont even care. I’m so happy that I was able to swing this last minute, amaze-ball trip ! yahoo. As I take this mini pit stop here at Miami, at an airport that I have almost spent more time in then Logan ( if thats even possible…) I am sitting at a TGIF bar. Trying to suck as much juice out of the outlet to charge my laptop for the flight I started with a Midday Mojtio…. which was semi a bad idea because it was a really heavy pour. Don’t worry I switched to my typical, Guinness. It’s actually really one of my favorite things to do, grab a drink and people watch, it’s just funny that this is happening here and right now, but really im enjoying it.

Since I really can’t elaborate on Disney as of yet, I’ll actually put this post on hold and finish it off tomorrow :)

Day one

Today we went to MGM and started off the day with the Tower of Terror back to back. Walking into the replicated Hotel Bates covered in cobwebs and Bell-hoppers i just thought to myself “this is absolutely amazing. I never thought that I was much of a roller coaster/ ride person, but I officially know that I am now. The first time entering the elevator ride I sat in the 3rd row, the second time I was sitting in the first row. Let me tell you something, there’s a real difference in the fear factor sitting in the first row. This was my face …..tower of terror

Afterward we went on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster, as we were standing in line and right as we approached the gates we realized just how fast 0-60 mph’s really was as we saw some of the other ride goers “takeoff”. So as Auntie Jan, Lisa and I all braved the ride we leaned our heads back and got ready to prevent the whip last, we zipped off. That ride was my favorite. Once in the dark yet luminous industrial building, we twisted and twirl at speeds unimaginable, I was having the time of my life. It was so worth the vertigo I experienced afterwards.

We spent the rest of the day walking around, taking pictures and seeing facades of stunt scenes and old movies. Leaving the park to hop on the shuttle to find our car I watched as a little girl was crying out for mickey…. standing there in my Jelly’s I felt that five year olds pain. I never got to meet mickey Hopefully I will tomorrow.

Day two

So walking through the gates today at the Magical Kingdom, I rushed  into use the bathroom and then was in search of a gift shop that sold socks. I was debating on whether or not I wanted to wear my Jelly sandals that changed colors in the sunlight to a bright pink or if i wanted to wear my bedazzled, sparkly converse… I changed it up and went with the 2013 dorothy slippers ; ) however I needed sock before I got blisters. EKKKK, don’t worry I caught it in time. So I got to take my picture at all the cool landmarks in the park, saw the whole thing, skipped a bunch of rides due to crazy wait times but I was totally ok with it. We went on one however, really cool and saw Tomorrow land… which was actually kinda hilarious how outdated it is. Later in the day we rode the monorail over to Epcot. Omg, I wish I got to spend more time over there because its as if your seeing everypark of the world all with in a miles of each other. It was so cool to grab pizza in Italy then a beer in Germany. We ended the night with the amazing fireworks show called Reflections of Earth, or was it ‘the world’ either way it was really sweet.

Day three

We went to Animal Kingdom. That probably was pretty close to being my favorite park. Starting the day with a safari, followed by meeting Rafiki, taking a trip to Aspen and having a run in with a Yeti, to staying dry and being the only one on the 10 person raft heading down the rapids of splash mountain. My favorite part of the day however was at the very end of our trip that park. We stumbled upon a parade on our way to the Lion King show. That was truly an amazing experience, and to see the amount of talent broadcasted from this performance I would highly recommend seeing it. (I so want to see Lion King on broadway, can’t you tell?!)

We came back to the house after that and hung out for a bit. As Kev, Shannon, and I hung out in the living room and around the bar in the kitchen, we drank a couple of beers and had some great conversation. We headed to Downtown Disney around 8, making a pit-stop back at Epcot to go on Soaring (such a cool ride to try, but I don’t want to spoil it). Once in Downtown Disney we walk around and then ended up at an Irish Resturant. We each got a beer sampler selection and got to pick our out 4 beers we wanted. I really liked all of the ones I chose, but the Guinness was by far the most amazing ; ) buts that just because its my favorite- lol.

Day four

I left today, sad sad day. I totally wish that I could have stayed one more day at least. So waking up casually this morning with out an alarm and sitting out by the pool before leaving for the airport was really nice. I really like to say especially when you know its snowing back home, but truth is I am really excited to get back to the snow. YAY.

So as I write this last entry on the plane…. yea, I caved and spent the $10 on internet access….. of well….I have one more thing that I want to say. Happy Birthday to Annmarie. She’s actually away at this amazing conference of 5-6 handpicked photographers down in Delaware. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures :)


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