As promised… here is a blog post about a little phrase called: Jessisms.

IMG_7503Jessism: a word used to describe my unthought out thoughts, comments, questions or stories. A “jessims” is a response to a silly sentence or also know as a “ditzy” comment.     ie:)

  • Mom, I really like cranberry sauce, but why does it always come in the shape of a can?
  • Heidi, you have a call on 37-heidi (aka 37-hundred).
  • What is the extra numbers you have to dial when calling New Mexico? Oh, wait, is that technically America?
  • The mall of America is in Canada. (think about that for a second, really)


The word “Jessism” was originated and created by my one and only mother. It is now being wildly spread amongst my workplace and friends and family.


Let October be about you! Share who you are with everyone that follows you, because: your followers, follow you willingly. I am not ashamed of who I am, and what I am destined to become. This is me, and I am happy with who I am.

*** AND If you missed the first day of October and are bummed you didn’t meet the due date for the first challenge of the #SwiftlyPainted Self-Portrait Challenge, it’s no biggy! Just do it today or tomorrow… or even next week. There is no one out there that is going to scold you on your tardiness. We just appreciate you for who you are and your support and admiration. Hope to see you all back next month! Place our button in your post and/or on your sidebar to help spread the word about the challenge.

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Ps today I am linking up with Katie, from The Babbling Brunette because she is totally my Cyber-soul mate. Everyone should go check out her blog and shoot her an email/comment. BLOG ON!

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