I’ll forever be bonded to my highschool

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Forever. Eternity. Those two words are everlasting adjectives to describe the bond that will forever be sealed with my fellow peers from my years as a teen. It’s such a crucial time of you life when you transition from childhood to a young adult. You make decsions and choose a path that ultimatly takes you to the road of your future and forms you into the person that you a will become. For me, Landmark changed my path.

No doubt I would have dropped out of  highschool at age 16. I would have had a 3rd grade reading level. I would have ended up in a very different life then the one I am living today.

Entering 8th grade I started at the elementry-middle school at landmark barley able to read, stuggled with comprehension, and was unable to organized my thoughts, never-mind have the capabilities to put them down on paper.

Just like myself, everyone at Landmark School had a similar history. I’ll forever be bonded to my highschool peers because they get it. My classmates went through the same embarresment, segregation, and difficulties that I once did. WE BONDED, each and everyone one of us. We learned together, studied together, and most of all over came the one difference that put us and brought us all together at this magical location: dyslexia.

Landmark was for most of us a last option to be our savior; it was our final chance at a future and a life where we would be able to become something. The school was able to work on an individual level with everyone to help each student get on the right path to overcome and manage our LBLD (language-based, learning disability).

Because Landmark and all of its marvelous teachers helped me so much, I made it my mission to give back to the community that mattered so much to me. I hope to one day have a job there as an art teacher and make a difference in lives, just as it had once for me. For now I aim to make a difference in the small ways that I can. As an active member of the alumni panel, I try to volunteer as much as my time and services as I am able to.

Last night, was one of the many annual Homecoming days hosted by Landmark for all alumni. So I gabbed one of my great friends, Gabby, and we headed to the “math building” aka Governor’s Landing (which is actually a great location for a wedding!) As we stood amongst our fellow friends that we could count as family, we reminsed on the old times, laughed and shared a “catch up” on our lives, and joked around like we were presently back in highschool again. We ate some great food, enjoyed some champagne on the steps, toasted to our past and present successes, and ended the night signing karaoke.

Afterwords, a handful of us all went out to Salem afterwords and enjoyed more of each others company and danced the night away. Upon leaving the bar we all met back at our friend, Joe’s, house. We all decided to take a stroll down the street and get some late night breakfast together. There’s nothing better then living in the moment, with some of your greatest old pals and just going with the flow and enjoy each others company. Can’t wait to see everyone again next year !




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