Melissa & Steve, engagement session

When I met with Melissa and Steve for coffee a few months ago we talked about their wedding plans, adorable little boy, Carter, and their funny proposal. On their second date, Steve wanted to take Melissa somewhere different then his “norm” so they adventured off to Rockport to explore all of Bearskin Neck’s nooks and cranny’s. They ate at this adorable little restaurant and checked out all the little shops and galleries….. oh ya and the cool rocks and jems at the Village Silversmith.  When the two of them had returned back, Steve was planning his proposal. He had this cute idea to walk all the way down on the rocks together… but would have probably even settled for being outside. Instead they went out to dinner and it was pouring by the time they left…. As Melissa ran back to the car with Steve not to far behind, she slammed the door behind her. Steve ended up proposing in the car, how cute !

So I could not resist taking this shot right outside the parking spot that they got engaged in 😉  All while meanwhile we were being serenaded by an Italian on a bicycle …. It’s a long story…. Literally !2014-06-01_0006 2014-06-01_0009 2014-06-01_0004 2014-06-01_0003 2014-06-01_0002 2014-06-01_0007 2014-06-01_0001 2014-06-01_0008 2014-06-01_0005

I can’t believe that you two are getting married in 20 days !!! I CANNOT wait :)


Justine’s boudoir (slash) maternity shoot

#BabyBerman, Lulette or Lulu,  is actually here already. Since I never got a chance to a month ago… I really wanted to share this beautiful session offically. Some of you might have seen the sneak peeks, but its totally not the same… so here goes :) And Ps this shoot was the first shoot I did since my surgery and I felt great getting back into it!!!! yay!berman-mat-2 berman-mat-8 berman-mat-16 berman-mat-14 berman-mat-26 berman-mat-35 berman-mat-1berman-mat-40 berman-mat-62 berman-mat-61 berman-mat-49 berman-mat-42 berman-mat-65 berman-mat-56 berman-mat-69

The Boudoiraton !

Cheers to a successful first Boudoiraton, at the Garrison Boutique Inn, located in Newburyport ! So fun, I can’t wait for the next one in May. If your interested in joining, there are still a few slots left May 1st and 2nd! Contact Annmarie at

allyc-2 christine-16 laurenm-10 jen-17 kellie-20 laurenp-21

gabby-15 gabby-9 jackiea-13 laurenp-17 leah-7 jen-22

gabby-5 christine-23 christine-8 kellie-16  laurenm-18 laurenp-7 jen-4 kellie-26 laurenm-13 laurenp-11 leah-6 jackiea-7   allyc-15 jackiea-14 allyc-21

<3  xo , until next time ladies : stay beautiful and love the skin your in :)

hello old friends, its been way to long….

I know that it has seriously been months since I have posted. As some of you know, winter is the off season for me in the photography world so it really is like my summer break, except instead of catching a wave at the beach… I prefer to hit the slopes hard, take chances and ski my ski’s like I stole them 😉


Wrapping up the year last year with my surgery kinda put a lull in my blogging cycle because I wasn’t moving around a lot or shooting anything, because I was unable to lift more than 5 pounds at a time. I started the new year off easy and my first day back shoot was a beautiful boudoir maternity session with the one and only Justine. She actually just delivered her gorgeous baby girl, Lulette, yesterday morning ! OMG she’s the cutest! Heres a SNEAK peek of the family… in waiting 😉

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 4.12.59 PM Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 4.18.55 PM Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 4.14.00 PM  Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 4.13.47 PM


While I’m on the subject of boudoir photography I just have to say that I’m really excited to announce that I ABSOLUTELY  fell in love with shoot this intamate moment that I couldnt wait to shoot more.

This shoot inspired me to put a dream together that I have had for years now and my dear friend Annmarie, most of you followers out there probably remember me mentioning her … what a trillion times…. well anyways SHE’S AMAZE-BALLZ! She helped my valentines boudoir weekend come to life :) And after throwing the word “boudoir-athon” back and forth at each other, we’re officially calling that it that.

So we got a group of girls together that were mostly all friends (if they weren’t before they are now, we love making friends for life), gave them the deal of a life time, and shot all 18 of them. I AM SO PROUD OF US FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN!  I was waiting to make a post about this because most of the girls had intended for these images of themselves to be gifts for their husbands, fiances, and boyfriends… so I didn’t want to be the one to spoil the surprise. I can’t wait to share these and I promise to in the next  few days :) but for now I just want to catch you all up to speed.

lip card


And last but most definitely not finally, I have been busy re-working the backgrounds to my business, meeting with clients, booking weddings and some still for this year… ekkkkk (exciting) and creating a new branding look for my business! I’m excited to announce that I might be working with Krista on a new look for my blog and website and I’m ready for what 2014 has to offer.

for now I’ll leave you with some cutie photos of my newest, and greatest distraction… my boyfriend David :) GAWDDD, isn’t he just adorable… ?!


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The #SwiftlyPainted Selfie Challenge

December: Writing prompt: Simple… what are you thankful for. Create an image depicting something you value.

So, as my last entries two had read (basically all of my posts this month, ah its been a crazy month) I mentioned a life changing decision that I had put into motion….

I am thankful to be lucky enough to have this surgery, to have a successful recovery ( marking 3 weeks this wednesday), and to have unconditional love and support from all of my friends and family! Big thanks to mom and dad, and Joey.

Hope you all are still having fun with coming up with ideas for the challenges :) Happy holidays !!!! And as always Best wishes and keep up the good work ladies (and future possible gents) We love you all.

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Love. Love. Love.

Jess & Annmarie

12 days later, the recovery process

So it has been exactly 12 days post op. and I’m starting to feel human again. Just as you should feel after surgery, I went through a totally helpless phase, leading into a sort of pathetic looking phase, to the emotional one, then to the ‘getting back on my feet’ stage, following with the (kinda) self dependent phase, to now.

Today mark the day of almost normalcy stage, the kinda part is relating to the fact that I still really kinda can’t do my laundry still. I can’t really shuffle through everything and separate my colors and whites. It’s realistically to hard to do all that with my arms and carry the wight of a full laundry basket. Besides that I got in my car went to the Paper Store to pick up a cute little wintery gift for my nurse that took care of me and dropped it off at the hospital. I made an omelet when I got back and cleaned up a little bit around the house. But let me back up a little bit…… Continue reading

The grass is always greener…

Let’s not pretend that you all haven’t noticed… because a majority of you have and most of you out of that group have even pointed it: I have really big boobs. Yes not what you were thinking. Aside from seeing as a professional photographer for a second, see me as a regular person; a friend of yours. I have finally made a choice to change that card that I have been dealt after a lot of deliberation. I have decided to change my fate labled as a woman with large breasts. There really is so much more to me than that and I am ready to exhibit that to people. I am also more than ready to receive to relief in my back for all of the weight that it has held up for many years now. Thank you, Back, for doing your part. It’s now your turn for a well deserved break.

To catch you up to speed on my reality, as a aged teen i had decided around 18 or 19 that having larger breasts and walking around for the rest of my life that this was something that wasn’t for me. As the saying goes you always want what you can’t have. When you have perfect curls you want pin straight hair. Its just how life goes…. the grass is always greener.

Continue reading

Oh, the places you will go!

“Oh, the places you will go!” my journal entry from my first trip to Disney World (pics to come later) 

Its the most magical place on earth. Its the only place you can go and just forget who you are. You revert back to being a kid. You cry at the gates of the magical kingdom. Everything you could ever possibly dream of is there. Its magnifigant. These are all things that I have heard, but “What?! you’ve never been there?!” Yes, I Know I can’t believe that I have never not been there either, but when it came down to decided wheiter me and my brother wanted to go to Dominican Republic or Disney when I was 15, I wanted to see the world… Disney would always be there. So years went by, non-believers still questioned me, and I continued to see the world not Disney. Continue reading