Angie and Robbie

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So yesterday I met with Angie and Robbie and they are just adorable. Walking through the streets of Waltham, snapping shots of this gorgeous couple on park benches and in/out of the ally ways of a totally rad mill building, we had a blast (from the past).

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As the two of them shared stories about how they met and Angie sparkled her emerald  engagement ring in our direction. She told us about her mom doing a drive by on their first date to see what Robbie looked like, don’t worry she obviously approved.  She also told us that she had dreamed of an emerald since she was a kid and when she found out it was not only Robbie’s birthstone as well as her own she was set!

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When I met with Angie this summer, she was flipping through my albums and I notice there was a trend in her favorites. She loved the high-contrast black and whites. So heres one for now Angie :) Plenty more to come !

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Can we talk about this image?! So all of my favorites are totally from this wall…. yes thats right I said this wall. We were laughing because at one point I had said ” wow this wall photographs so beautifully …. oh and you guys too! Of course! “Its not untypical of me to add in stupid little comments but thats one that has to go in “The classic book  of Jessisms” (I’ll have to explain that in a blog post. And another great prompt is born!)

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 2.15.39 PMYou too are just the cutest !

And big thanks to Annmarie for assisting me in yesterdays shoot !  You Rock ! xo

It’s all about the connection

What do you look for when you decide on a photographer? I’ll tell you. Practically everyone and anyone is connected to some sort of social media. You might already have a Pintrest board created of ideas for your wedding day and pictures that you find “pintresting” that you want to reenact on your special day, and some of you might have even started pinning to your board before you were even engaged. Either way, you stay connected on facebook, twitter, instagram, and your favorite blogs to follow friends, which (sub) influences you. So by the time you get engaged or start seriously looking for a photographer, you already have a list of your favorites!

Now, you might be faced with the difficulty of narrowing down your favorites list. You figure out your priorities and then go from there. So obviously most everyone’s first goal is to stay within “the budget” and lets be real, weddings add up quickly. It is tempting to go with a student photographer or someone found on Craigslist, after realizing how expensive your favorite photographers are. When it comes down to it (and dividing out your expenses) you should not skimp on your photographer or DJ/Band for that matter.

Let me just get to the point… you spend all this money on the location/venue of your dreams and you’ve tasted multiple different samples of dishes and desserts. Your entire extended family and friends have saved the date and planned to share your special day and help you celebrate, and your about to embark on the most important day of your life. The music gets the party started and sets the mood for your reception and you can’t wait to show off your choreographed first dance and cake smash. Now what would be better than to tie it all in with having the confidence in knowing that your photographer will be dependable, creative, passionate, and simply have the professional ability and skills to execute and capture your day as it unfolds.

Not two weddings are alike and your photographer should have an ease about them to go with the flow. The photographer should have an understanding of treating you as the client as an individual and look at each situational environment with a fresh outlook. Thinking, working and creating quickly, you and your photographer should more importantly have a connection, an agreement and an understanding of each other.

IT’S ALL ABOUTH THE CONNECTION, so the most important things to keep in mind are:

1) Have an attraction to their work! Love their style and unique ideas.
2) Get an idea of the way they work and create and make sure it works for you.
3) Trust them! Believe in their creative talent and be ok with rolling with their crazy ideas.
4) And finally, having a connection.

You are a part of the artwork. You need to feel comfortable and feel free to be as natural and expressive as you wish. To create a beautiful image, it take two. When you hire a photographer, your not just hiring them for their work you should be hiring them for their personality as well. The best kinds of images come naturally. Just keep in mind that this is the final piece of the puzzle when looking for a great photographer.


“e” stands for engagement

jen_ken-22“E-sessions” are always fun and helpful to you and your photographer. They allow you to be one more comfortable with being I front of the camera, posing, and having all eyes on you. I’ve always thought its a really good time to meet your photographer and make sure you mesh and get along with one another, rather than having the pressure of meeting them on that big day your planning. Plus, you want to make sure you understand and see the way the photographer works, because  compatability is really important for someone whole be playing a key role is preserving your special day forever !

Now, e-sessions are suppose to be fun ! Naturally you will be nervous (because who isn’t) and it is always awkward being on the otherwise of the camera… Believe me I know! So what I like to reccommd to couples is that they come up with a theme, and almost place yourself into a different character. When you pretend and disguise yourself (and this doesn’t have to be an extreme) it gives you that little boost of confidence that it takes to be in front of the camera . So with that being said… I’m not saying to show up as a 1920’s flapper or someone in a dressed in the renaissance (but thats also fine if your into that….) What I am reccommding is something or someone with inspiration (even from another era, if you so wish) and try to pick a place that coordinates with your idea .

For example , deciding to do a whimsical kind of session you might pick a location with an old ruin of a castle, near a vast field, with a beautiful old willow tree. With this in mind you guys might wear a casual kind of suit look paired with a flowing dress with a twiggy kind of head piece.

Another example, your really into vintage styled sessions and just not sure what mind of look you want … Do some research ! Find out what these styles look like and how similar shoots were executed. (A great place that I like pulling inspiration from is Style Me Pretty. They show off the hottest ideas/trends, photographers and color schemes!) Pull from it what you love and put your own twist on it. Try to be crafty with what you already have. A lot of the times when I’m trying to create a look I try to find some stuff that I always have. It’s always a good idea to check out some second hand and consignment shops out too rather than buying  something new.

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