So Annmarie‘s finally convinced me to get on the bandwagon… here goes my first “HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY”

1) Happy Labor day! Started the blog challenge : Blogtember! I’m totally obsessed and love it already! Its been so much fun this week challenging myself to answer/ tackle some of these topics. Its been such a great exercise!

2) I learned about tungston carbide. Its one of the strongest metals. I’m pretty sure that I was told that this is the exact material that is used for space ships. Its really popular for mens wedding bands right now, it can be scratched and will not tarnish, and also it cannot be cut. The good thing though, is that you never have to worry about it if your hand gets run over, it wont smoosh (but your finger(s) might).

3) Had my first day off from my long stretch of shifts at work. It was really nice to enjoy some beautiful weather, and lounging… Ended the night with a fun evening planned with Jackie grabbing burritos and sangria, followed by my fav fro-yo from Cafe Kushco and a stop by the fire station to visit Danny and bring him coffee fro-yo. The night was ended, naturally, with a kids movie (Wreck it Ralph) and falling asleep on Jackie’s super comfy couch and dragging out feet to bed.

4)Had a girl sesh with Annmarie and we caught up with all the latest new going on in our lives, talked about friendships, shiny new things, shoots, ideas, blogging, and where to get free bouquets. We went to the amazing Red Lulu, her first thoughts… “Wow, we’re in some kind of vamp dungeon…” and comments like “Is this velvet wallpaper?” and “Even the bathroom is something to blog about!” After pouring water over the cotton candy that we could not stop picking at we decided to do a drive by the Salem Screamery which was sadly closed…. but then realized that one of the whole reasons for getting together was to discuss something very important!

5)Continuing our conversation from the night before Annmarie and I met up at Barnes & Nobles to settle and finalize our first blog challenge that we are collaborating on, #swiftypainted monthly selfies. Stay tuned! It starts this October and should be a great adventure for everyone to join on!

hope you all have a great weekend :)

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