Blogtember: whats going on

Monday, September 23: A “life lately” post. What you’re up to, how you’re feeling, how you’re doing on your goals, etc. Bonus points for great photos!

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 12.29.58 PM

An update: Every once and a while, things seem to pile up and you just don’t know how to tackle all the tasks at hand… needless to say, I’ve been a little buried lately. I’ve been feeling like I had a ton of cleanup to do and it got to be so overwhelming that I didn’t know where to begin. I have a ton of different shoots to finish editing, because I have ADD and I totally can’t focus on just one thing at a time, its taking me forever! I think I’m finally back on track this morning. With a fresh start of the day I have completed a few shoots, and have been plugging right away at the next ones at hand. I have a couple coming up that I am really excited about, so stay tuned for those!


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