Blogtember: oh has it ever!

Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

So as I am sitting in my local towns library to beat the heat, I answer this one small writing prompt: “Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.” HA, thats funny. even though is a sweet and short prompt, you could hardly imagine the impact of the result of the answer. For starters, I am sitting in the library, I mean really come on ! This blogging addiction has got me love struck !

I absolutely love blogging ! I love it! My friend Gabby was actually talking to me today about the blog and she said, oh its so great, but is there a way to put some of this energy more into Painted Eye Photography? (Gabs I know your reading this, and fellow bloggers: I adore her so please don’t think she was trying to turn me away from blogging! Gabby is one of my biggest supporters and she’s just trying to give me the small encouragment and support I need, without being to abrasive) But Gabs is right, but in a way I already am doing that.

I do things for me, and only for me. I work a part time job to make a steady income to pay my basic bills and have some play money, but I work part time so that I have time to devote to enjoy my life and to support the hours of my photography career. It may take me a while, but these are all steps in the right direction to my next turn in life. I picked up blogging while waiting for my websites completion. Its been a long time coming, yet it is going to be exactly what I was invisioning: a simple clean portfolio.

Truth be told, I had always had a plan to have a blog to pair up with my buisness. I never imagined it would have come before; however, some things just come into your life right when you need them to. Blogging has changed me as a person. It brought back my creative side and really got me inspired to create art again. It ultimately is helping me pursue me dreams and get me a little more gratification. I am finally feeling (for the first time since college, 2 years ago) that I am finding my niche in life. I started the bog, for my photography and like everything else it became something that I enjoyed. With a happy medium, my blog has become about me and me as an artist.

linking up with Annmarie today because without blogging I would have never become as close as I have to her. Thanks for helping me with the start up, your inspiration, your guidence, your unedited memories, your friendship (tear). I love you girl!

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