Blogtember: Knowledge is power!

Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered…

Well, I have lots of tips and tricks up my sleeve that I have aquired over the years, lets break it down, shall we?

Communication & First impressions: So I remember in high school one of my peers, Charles, had his mom fly in from france to visit (because thats just the way that some kids rolled at Landmark). With her trip to the beautiful city of Beverly, MA and all its marvelous sights and attractions it was hard for her to pass up the opportunity to come speak at the Prepatory at Landmark.

Naturally,  when your in 11th grade getting out of class ( for anything, lets be real) doesn’t bother your one bit. So, as I sat along side my few friends, which had “saved me a seat”, I sat there with no expectations of the valuable life advice I was given. Charles’ mom went over tactics for interviewing, the value in your hand shake (make sure to do it, and make sure its a strong one. Just don’t break their hand), make eye contact, use their name, and most of all communicate clear and concise.

She explained to us that when asked a question during an interview (or basically anytime really) use “the funnel system”. The funnel system was a great visual for us to help understand and remember her theory. Take the question and place it at the top of the funnel, in your mind your now going to begin to break down the question, and have the best possible/ thoughtful answer. We have all looked at a family tree at some point or another this is like the same theory. From the main question, break it down its main points that need to be addressed, then from there narrow down those main topics to a more simplified though, combine, narrow, combine, narrow. Let the answer circle the drain for a bit while you get your thoughts together and then answer the question. Its ok to stall the question with repeating the question and then prompting yourself with “thats a good question, I have to think about that”. It never comes off like your stalling, it shows that your really taking the time to consider the question and want to answer the best you can.

And there you have it, with out even thinking about it…  I used this system to answer this blog challenge… I was trying to figure out what to even write about and ‘it’ just happened. This just goes to show that this skill was a very usual skill I obtained from missing class one day. I use it daily, in my everyday life!

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One thought on “Blogtember: Knowledge is power!

  1. Good advice! I’m not the best at first impressions but I’d like to think I have a good handshake at the very least. The funnel system is something I’ll have to work on for the future. I have tendency to “word vomit” when i’m nervous. eek!

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