Blogtember: hypothetically realistic

What would you do with 3 months? 

I’m going to pretend that all expenses are paid for this hypothetical 3 month vaca 😉 and say that I would travel across Europe with my friend Em, a backpack jammed full of outfits and my all my camera stuff! We have always wanted to do a trip from Ireland (where her family is ) to Sicily (where my family is) and stop every where in between. I’ve always just wanted to go on an adventure and explore with no cares in the world, get lost and find cool place and meet cool people along the way.

Realistically, I’d love to go stay with a bunch of  random artist and lock myself away (having no commitments for 3 months) make art, work out, and make all of my meals without rushing…. is that to much to ask 😉

Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 2.54.58 PM

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