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Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.

OOOOO, what a good one. A memory that I would love love love to relive, well I have a ton ( childhood, ropes course summer program, skiing trips, vacations… ) out of those top four ( yes I know I kinda just cheated) I would have to pick the trip to Spain I took my senior year of high school (partly because it has a little bit of those things all mixed in to one LONG memory). I had childhood sleepovers, I had one of my Project adventure teachers as a chaperone, and to top it off, or shall I say one of the ‘peaks’ of the trip was a skiing trip on a Massala mountain on the border of France. Yes it really was the most amazing trip. We did some classic foreshadowing by visiting The Monsterrat Monk Monasteronery (bad spelling, and yes. Montserrat College of Art is where I attended the next following fall), saw some amazing churches , and visitied The Dali Museum and Picasso Museum.

I went with 8 fellow students, 3 of them being some of my best friends ( Gabby, Sam, and Charlotte). We stayed in a beautiful Villa just a 25 min train ride away from the main streets of Barcelona and learned how to get by with our LBLD’s and little phrases of spanish we all had studied. None of us could really speak the language at all, but believe me you would be totally surprise with how much you could get by with.

As we left the airport and piled into the two mini cars we rented, we danced to the local radio stations music ( but quickly that changed as we searched for american music we could sing along to). We all were terribly tired as we finally reached our destination, and just layed down for a few hours. I remember going to the grocery store next. Driving through the streets, we saw some of the sites from the car and some interesting people. We pulled into the grocery stores (underground/bottom level) garage and payed the small fee to release two of the shopping carages. We took shifts piling into the elevator that took us up to the main grocery store. Searching around we bought food for the week… everything you could eat ( without over-indulging) and lots and lots of juice. OMG, the juice was absolutly amazing…. I actually snuck 4 liters of juice back for the return trip in my lugage.

Throughout the week the ten of us enjoyed eachothers company, laughing shopping, and exploring all while creating life long memories. Seeing the two museams was breath taking. Everyone love Salvitor Dali’s purple musueam covered in bread and biscuts, topped of with eggs on each pilar. I am completly convinced that anyone, even someone that hates art would love that museam. The Picasso museam was another story. I was the last one of our group to step out of the museam, rushing to see everything and enjoy the work, knowing that my fellow peers were hanging around waiting. Its not that his work is any less than Dali’s ( and its really not fair to compare the two because they were creaters of totally different generations and art movements); however, it is a lot hard to find all of his work amusing to the common eyes of a non- artist. Personally, that was the highlight of my trip.

The next amazing thing was skiing on the border of France. Even though it was late March and a lot of the grounds had bare patches of spring sprouting, I will never forget the amazing views and the beautiful weather. Even though we were all at very different levels we made the most of that increable adventure. From what I remember, it was Mr. Sumner, Gabby, Sam, Mike and I so the group was small. We skied so hard that day, I (and Gabby, or was it Sam?) became so dehydrated that we had to take a a break in the afternoon and load up on gatorade. One of my favorite pictures from that day is Gabs and I splitting an entire box of frosted flakes in a huge bowl that night. We look beyond exhausted and sunburnt and it totally just captures our friendship.

Really, I could go on and on about this trip because this isn’t even the half of it….. Sam got robbed at an internet cafe (someone stole his entire backpack contaning Gabs’ favorite coat and thank god no ones passport was in it). We saw some amazing street performers and did some amazing shopping. Ate at some amazing tapas resturants, saw some beautiful skylines from the rooftops of cathedrals or montestaries, and bonded. I would re-live that entire week, except for the one day we spent in NY because of missing our flight that is 😉

What would your re-live? Whats your favorite memory?

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