Blogtember: check for monsters under the bed!

A story about a time you were very afraid.

Hmm, lets see. I was always kind of a scardie-cat when it was time for bed. I always was paranoid that something would be hiding under my bed or in my closet. I guess I watched to many scary movies as a kid….. but a specific story… now that I am going to have to think about.

Ok, I got it! I was such an arachnophobic as a child and one time I remember having the worst nightmare ever that  I was playing on a jungle gym, specifically the monkey bars, and a huge huge spider starting inching his way towards me, slowly increasing his speed. Finally, catching up to me he was just about to eat me after biting off my leg when I woke up to an excruciating pain to my leg. I was convinced the pain was due to the spider, and that it indeed was actually in my bed so I woke my parents up and my dad tucked me in on the couch. Still nervous about my past dream, I faded into a deep sleep, trailing off into dream which soon turned into a similar past nightmare. I woke up to a pain on pain on my arm this time. When waking up my parents for a second time, they finally agreed to have me sleep with them. It was the only way to sooth my night terrors.

I finally got over my fear of spiders, but my interest in dream was far from fading. Every since an early age, I learned to change the way I felt about my night terrors with an analysis of every fictitious memory created by my subconscious.  I keep a current private journal and in that journal I sometimes write about my crazy dreams (at least the ones that I can remember). I usually start my dream research on Dream Moods ( kinda like an online dream  dictionary). Breaking down the main points of my dream, I am able to come to terms with the symbolism and reasons for having my dreams, leaving me more at ease with myself.

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