Blogtember: At the crossroads of destiny.

One of my favorite readings is the poem “The road less traveled”, by Robert Frost. Since I can remember, I have believed that the different paths and choices made in life is the route taken to the your final destination. Destiny is a really weird and scary thing to consider. Is it possible that our lives have already been determinted? Are the so called choices we make not actually choices?Were we already planned to make that decision, long before it was decided?

A while back a close friend to me had suggested that I read “What Dreams May Come” by Richard Mattheson. This book quickly became one of my favorites. Throughout reading this book, it changed a lot of my opinions on life and afterlife. I don’t really want to give away the book (because its so amazing, and please don’t watch the movie… its absolulty terrible) so you’ll have to read it. However, just to sum it up the main character has died very early on in the book and struggles with the transision from earth to ‘heaven’. He has trouble realizing that he has passed and needs to let go and move onto the next phase. For the remainer of the book you learn abou the world above and all its different levels. Infromation of reincarnation is shared with the reader, explaining that when its time for your soul to move onto earth again, you choose the life, the people, and the expierences you need to allow your soul to learn and concure the task at hand. Upon entering earth you slate is wiped clean and you live the life you chose for yourself. This book rises a lot of questions to the surface to really challenge your mind, I highly suggest it.
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I’ve taken many roads to get me where I am today but one of the roads changed my life for sure. As i have metntioned a bunch of times I was diagnosed with dyslexia at very young age. I’m actually not even totally sure when it was that I was officially declaired with my LBLD (learning-baised, language disabilty) but I started noticing that I was different from my peers, around first or second grade. Spending years and years of differnt diagnostic testing and, In and out of special- education sessions (distrupting my normal class schedual) I started becoming feeling fvery segregated from friends and other students. As if it wasn’t already a huge enough hurtle to overcome academically, it started effecting me socially.

So after years of deciding on placement at Landmark School, and a very very long waiting list, I finally enrolled in 8th grade. Upon entering a new school my last year of middle school, I was nervous and feared the unknown. There was never even a thought of hesitation not make the change. As the year went on, I joined track and art classes, stayed after school and hung around with my friends in “activities” and the best part started SKI TEAM. Ok, ok well although ski team was a definite perk, I went from a 2nd grade reading level in 8th grade to a 5/6th grade reading level. You might be thinking, wow how embarrassing … why is she telling the whole world this? Well my friends, thats because that terribly horrid fact about myself is me! I am proud of that major accomplishment and so stocked I can have such a powerful reminder of how far I have come.
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THIS, Landmark, was the turning point in my life. Without it I’m sure I would have never finished highschool, I would have never gone to college; nevermind art school. I am positive that my passion for photography would have found me eventually, but if it had I wouldn’t had become close with my grandpa and grew into the same photographer that he coached me to be. I would have never got to spend the last couple years of his life the way I do, learning from him and appreciating his knowledge, bonding over our shared passion.

And thats not completely it. Landmark students have a different kind of bond with one another, one that could never be removed or replaced. We were  We ARE a family. We all come from a similar past of failure and constant struggles. We learned to cope with our LBLD’s and shared (and continue to share) our success stories with one another. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am who I am because of Landmark, and for that I am forever grateful.

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