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© Lisa Mann Dirks

© Lisa Mann Dirks

As the last year has come and gone since Maggie passing, our Landmark community has come together and split apart all at once. Friendships have split, as the glue and glitter that once held it together was no longer to be found. One of my best friends, Gabby, has struggled greatly with this loss. Recognizing that Maggie and her were soul sisters, a kind of best friend that could never be replaced, I felt for Gabs. At any age, but especially at such a young one it is the hardest thing to go through.

Gabby and I lost touch over the years of college, she at Stonehill and I at Montserrat… our schedules and the compromise of our studies would just not allow it. Having an epiphany last summer while standing in Gabby’s kitchen talking to a fellow class mate (during Maggie’s service) I entered a alternate universe. Just like you see in the movies when someone trails off into another place in their mind will the voice talking to them fades and suddenly you realize you can barely hear the words and most certainly are not able to understand, that was me. I horribly imagined me in Gabby’s kitchen at her service, sad and regretfully trying to remember the last time we had spoken, shared a laugh together, or an ice cream for that matter. The thought sickened me and I couldn’t stand it. In the midst Gabby’s chaotic rushing around, with the hopes of keeping it together and making sure everything was running flawlessly I grabbed her aside.

As she slide the glass door to her basement shut we walked over to the couch and sat down. Still to this day I am not even sure what order/how I even expressed all the thoughts that were running through my mind, but I know that Gabs was present and hearing me loud and clear. As we were both wiping the tears from our eyes, we regained our composure and headed back outside to the backyard overflowing with peers, teachers, and family.

In the last year Gabby and I are still getting to know each other, our new matured selves, as we (of course) are different from when we were teens. Love you Gabs!


Lisa Mann Dirks was Maggie’s mother. She was passed away in November 2011, two months before Maggie. She was an incredible artist and her work is still be printed and sold by her family. To see Lisa’s work and/or purchase it check out her website:

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  1. You have no idea how touched I am by this and all you do. It has been a very difficult challenge to face and having you there has only helped. I cannot express how much your support, your kind words and sweet actions you have done. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jess for all you do and being such true, an unbelievable friend.

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