Any one for a Sloppy-Jo?

So I have decided to feature a different creative person once a month. Someone who I admire, look up to, or just appreciate their work. As the first month I decided to talk a little bit about my dear old friend, past pen pal, Joanna.

check out her sweet Etsy shop, where she collects old and vintage items and article of clothing. In her own words “I’m a lover of all things vintage and retro inspired. I collect old zines, women’s clothing/accessories, kitchenware, art, and records to name a few. In addition to my love of vintage finds, I am an artist specializing in mixed media with a heavy influence from photosilkscreen. Find these items and more in Sloppy Jo’s Sloppy Second’s store!”


Joanna and I met a long time back freshman year of college. She was one of the originals of the “Montserrat Musketeers”. We shared so many laughs, crazy art projects, cookies lunches, and little pranks around Beverly. We shared many sleepless nights staying up studying for art history, and lots of early morning cramming in the library. We were the all around best kind of friends.

Joanna wasn’t sure if art was her true path in life. She wasn’t certain if she wanted to continue going to Montserrat and pursuing her life as an artist because she felt that she was meant to do something else. In the fall of 2008 she experienced a tragedy in her family. Upon the sudden death of her father, Joanna still on the fence of returning back to Montserrat, she had decided to stay home and help her mother and grieve in the loss of their families beloved one.

Even in one short, yet very long year Jo and I became very close. We stayed in touch very much throughout sophomore year and I tried to offer her as much support as I could even with all the distance that was put in between her and I. Every year we try to get together at least once…. This morning I was catching up with her and I realized it had been a year since we really had talked…. and I mean besides the birthday wishes.

So Jo and I chit chatted, about life and where we were and home lives. We remincined a little on the past and caught each other up to speed, but really theres not enough time in the world to catch everyone up on the past. Every time Jo and I talk though however, it’s like were picking right up where we left off. We started talking about our friend Chris from college and his move out to CA, and then it hit us. We both have wanted to do a cross country trip, so lets do one across America next summer ! Yay – I am beyond excited. Together we can spontaneously travel across states, stop in however many antique shops as we want, stop for quick sight seeing, travel to the endless soundtrack of cool music (that Jo will record from her vinals, lol) She’ll be the perfect companion for my trip across the country :) I can’t wait !!!


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