Angie and Robbie

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So yesterday I met with Angie and Robbie and they are just adorable. Walking through the streets of Waltham, snapping shots of this gorgeous couple on park benches and in/out of the ally ways of a totally rad mill building, we had a blast (from the past).

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As the two of them shared stories about how they met and Angie sparkled her emerald  engagement ring in our direction. She told us about her mom doing a drive by on their first date to see what Robbie looked like, don’t worry she obviously approved.  She also told us that she had dreamed of an emerald since she was a kid and when she found out it was not only Robbie’s birthstone as well as her own she was set!

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When I met with Angie this summer, she was flipping through my albums and I notice there was a trend in her favorites. She loved the high-contrast black and whites. So heres one for now Angie :) Plenty more to come !

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Can we talk about this image?! So all of my favorites are totally from this wall…. yes thats right I said this wall. We were laughing because at one point I had said ” wow this wall photographs so beautifully …. oh and you guys too! Of course! “Its not untypical of me to add in stupid little comments but thats one that has to go in “The classic book  of Jessisms” (I’ll have to explain that in a blog post. And another great prompt is born!)

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 2.15.39 PMYou too are just the cutest !

And big thanks to Annmarie for assisting me in yesterdays shoot !  You Rock ! xo

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