“A” is for Annette in August (and artist statement)

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Get ready for it ! Annette is coming to visit for one month! Starting August 1st, Annette will be featured on the blog! Stay tuned for her return! 

As I make photographs of myself every day, I am interested in the idea of ‘the self’ and private versus public moments people experience. While it can be difficult for some people to share or reveal their utmost personal thoughts and emotions, ‘self-portraits’ allow me to consider those moments and how they relate to a person and their persona.

While photographs can be clear representations of reality, reality is not always represented clearly in photographs. A self-portrait can be about the people photographed, or it can be about something outside of their own identity. My interest is in how I can photograph myself or create a new identity. There is a difference between that which is an affected pose, versus an honest portrayal. I straddle the line and have reservations about each as I consider my personal self and public self.

Keeping these ‘records’ of fictcious memories, these various identities can be seen as representing ideas of responsibility, sexuality, vulnerability, honesty, and femininity. In my photographs I use woman’s attire, both formal and informal, wigs, make-up, and other items that women utilize to present themselves in public. Fragmenting the body, body language and specific environments influence the way the photographs are read and interpreted.


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