Melissa & Steve, engagement session

When I met with Melissa and Steve for coffee a few months ago we talked about their wedding plans, adorable little boy, Carter, and their funny proposal. On their second date, Steve wanted to take Melissa somewhere different then his “norm” so they adventured off to Rockport to explore all of Bearskin Neck’s nooks and cranny’s. They ate at this adorable little restaurant and checked out all the little shops and galleries….. oh ya and the cool rocks and jems at the Village Silversmith.  When the two of them had returned back, Steve was planning his proposal. He had this cute idea to walk all the way down on the rocks together… but would have probably even settled for being outside. Instead they went out to dinner and it was pouring by the time they left…. As Melissa ran back to the car with Steve not to far behind, she slammed the door behind her. Steve ended up proposing in the car, how cute !

So I could not resist taking this shot right outside the parking spot that they got engaged in 😉  All while meanwhile we were being serenaded by an Italian on a bicycle …. It’s a long story…. Literally !2014-06-01_0006 2014-06-01_0009 2014-06-01_0004 2014-06-01_0003 2014-06-01_0002 2014-06-01_0007 2014-06-01_0001 2014-06-01_0008 2014-06-01_0005

I can’t believe that you two are getting married in 20 days !!! I CANNOT wait :)