The #SwiftlyPainted Selfie Challenge

December: Writing prompt: Simple… what are you thankful for. Create an image depicting something you value.

So, as my last entries two had read (basically all of my posts this month, ah its been a crazy month) I mentioned a life changing decision that I had put into motion….

I am thankful to be lucky enough to have this surgery, to have a successful recovery ( marking 3 weeks this wednesday), and to have unconditional love and support from all of my friends and family! Big thanks to mom and dad, and Joey.

Hope you all are still having fun with coming up with ideas for the challenges :) Happy holidays !!!! And as always Best wishes and keep up the good work ladies (and future possible gents) We love you all.

A few “rules”…

Let’s be honest for second, k? I’m not going to check up on all of you to make sure you follow these rules, but I trust you. Please be respectful.

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Love. Love. Love.

Jess & Annmarie