So what’s your “pinwheel”?


Some have an obsession with pinwheels, others : dandelions ! Ps Bri is also a photog-gal!

So hanging with Annmarie last night (and half of my cousins, oh and my brothers old guitar teacher, a past coworker, and a new blog fan Em…. wow small world kinda situation) I got to celebrate her hubby, Brian’s, birthday. It was so jam packed in there! Usually when you invite 20 people to things like this only 10 come, but with their luck…. they got all 20!

Anyways, I was able to  have some QT with Annmarie’s and her sis Kara! I met Kara at the wedding last year, but as I recently said, Annmarie and I didn’t become close until recently. So naturally after some bonding time I started following her Instagram and liked 50 photos, made about 4 comments. We hovered over Annmarie’s laptop viewing pictures of their “Sister Reunion” shoot ( which by the way is coming up girls!) and watching videos of them playing “Chubby Bunny”. So I don’t know how it is physically possible for me to not know about this game, but it is right up my ally. So for all of you in the same boat as me…. Chubby Bunny is a game of marshmallow stuffing. You stuff marshmallow following saying chubby bunny, over and over until you can anymore, AND ITS COMPLETELY HILARIOUS.

I’m getting way off track here….

So a “pinwheel” is something that silly that you enjoy that really only serves one silly purpose and that doesn’t really possess anyother purpose than what its created for. So Annmarie has a love for pinwheels. I love containers, specifically small ones…. like jewelry boxes and tin boxes with hinges also those tiny wood boxes that slide open. Whats your “pinwheel”?

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Ella Elizabeth <3

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 5.12.52 PM

An adorable photo of my new 2nd cousin, from today. I’m actually totally joking! So growing up with Chis (and his brother Greg) he and his brother we always at my aunts house hanging with my cousins Bryan and Kevin (Just to add, Kerry was also always around, and still considered her an extension of family as well… wait are we actually related ???). Because I was a little naive… (or just plain special) I had thought when “going to visit my cousins” that they were just part of that deal. So it actually took me a ridiculous amount of time; like age 16 or maybe even 20 ? ( but who was keeping track).

But really she is just the cutest ! This shoot was the first attempt at “newborns” and I have to say I am pretty impressed with my self. ok, ok Kerry helped out a lot :) So I just adore staring at babies, they really are just the cutest! BUT did you know I actually held my first baby even like 3 years ago. I had this irrational fear that I would drop someones baby and be traumatized for life, thus holding off for as long as possible. Needless to say, for feeling as awkward as I did doing this shoot, it was great practice for me :) Thanks guys for letting me experiment with Ella ! Love ya guys !

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Are you getting excited ?!


Annette is almost here and I just wanted to get all you new viewers more acquainted with her before she gets here! 

Self identity is what determines your master status of your self. It is created over time as an individual is influenced consciously and subconsciously through daily social interactions. It is constructed and continuously modified over time by many factors of ones’ social life. The different parts to the growth, adaptation, and creation of one’s self identity that starts at a very young age and continues to develop and change as time goes on due to life chances.

Taking into consideration individuals’ social interactions within their social lives, we become a product of what we are surrounded with. Socializing in different environments such as, work, school, and personal life situations powerfully determines who you are. In most cases, people alter their persona from being truthfully represented for different reasons. In my case, I am aware of this social tool to fit it, however I choose to represent myself appropriate, but remain my truthful self in most all situations I have experienced.

I first became interested in the concept of the self when I became aware of this study. I had taken a class (similar to self and society) and fell in love with it. This was the time when I first objectified myself for self observation and examination. I have always enjoyed observing people at a distance and I have always love to chat up a conversation with someone that I don’t know so well to see if my perception on them was correct. I have always had a strong interest in helping various people to resolve their personal issues. I really enjoy being open and honest with someone about how I feel. Continue reading

kid @ <3

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 8.36.57 PM

Im truly a kid at heart. I love to be goofy, I love jelly sandals, skip-its, chewing watermelon bubblelicious, splashing in puddles, kicking the colorful foliage of fall, and making snow angles. Some might say that my childhood sense of personality might make me appear a little flighty, well I am ! I embrace my inner ID. I think its so awesome to be secure in who you are and what you like. When you are completely yourself you will attract the best of best people in your life. What could be more grander than that. Be yourself, surround yourself with good people, and happiness in life will follow you!

The film about Francesca Woodman



      “The Woodmans” C. Scott Willis, director 

In an interview with Ron Messner form the Tribeca film festival he was embarrassed to say that when showing his piece there, it was actually the first film festival he had attended and the first one that he had shown his work in as well.  It was clear that Willis is passionate about his subjects, The Woodman’s. He speaks of them very highly in his interview calling them “ they’re amazing people. They’re amazing artist. They’re very smart” it is very important to him to try to tell their story in the most truthful light, but also illuminate and honor their story. He actually stumbled onto the idea for the story Continue reading

Make a wish !

So today Robyn and I spent a lovely day walking around Newburyport and grabbing lunch at the Grog. We did some window shopping (ok we did up buying something teeny-tiny, but it was just so cute!) and then we jammed out to music by the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Britney and Christina! Seriously, some of these are forgotten classics ! Why aren’t they on the radio????

Anyways, over all it was an amazing afternoon with one of my main girls ! Thanks for an awesome day Robyn! I’m so pumped about our totally rad new “make a wish” friendship necklaces. It was truly such a nostalgic day buying these and rocking out to our “oldies”


“A” is for Annette in August (and artist statement)

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.35.22 PM Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.34.50 PM Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 12.32.41 PM


Get ready for it ! Annette is coming to visit for one month! Starting August 1st, Annette will be featured on the blog! Stay tuned for her return! 

As I make photographs of myself every day, I am interested in the idea of ‘the self’ and private versus public moments people experience. While it can be difficult for some people to share or reveal their utmost personal thoughts and emotions, ‘self-portraits’ allow me to consider those moments and how they relate to a person and their persona.

While photographs can be clear representations of reality, reality is not always represented clearly in photographs. A self-portrait can be about the people photographed, or it can be about something outside of their own identity. My interest is in how I can photograph myself or create a new identity. There is a difference between that which is an affected pose, versus an honest portrayal. I straddle the line and have reservations about each as I consider my personal self and public self.

Keeping these ‘records’ of fictcious memories, these various identities can be seen as representing ideas of responsibility, sexuality, vulnerability, honesty, and femininity. In my photographs I use woman’s attire, both formal and informal, wigs, make-up, and other items that women utilize to present themselves in public. Fragmenting the body, body language and specific environments influence the way the photographs are read and interpreted.


You’re my BF4E+E+E+E+E+E+E+E!

Oh Emaline, My valentine!



Ready for me to get real deep? As a true believer in astrology, Em and I are most certainly BFF soul mates. There is no doubt in my mind that we have been intertwined and spent multiple past lives together. She is the peanut butter to my jelly, the chips to my veggie burger, the keeper of my secrets , and usually the source of my deepest belly laughs! She and I can have the simplest low key hang out sesh’s or the most powerful of long thoughtful conversations.

As my dad said, you can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you cant pick your friends nose! Well… this totally doesn’t apply to me. You see I didn’t choose to be Emily’s friend, and I also know that I could indeed pick her nose if I so choose to and it wouldn’t even be the slightest bit weird. Let me rewind a little bit here….When I was just 4 and she was just 5 starting kindergarden, we had a mutual friend, Allyse.


Allyse was my first friend. She was the neighbor that lived at the top edge of my yard and she had a friend named Emily and Arty who lived down the street, just a hop, skip, and a jump. I obviously don’t remember our first encounter with each other, as I was only just our of my toddler years. I don’t remember all the countless trips we’ve taken to Dick and Junes Ice cream, or where all our scar from playing the yard, or even where the boundaries for man-hunt were in the neighbor hood were placed. One thing I do know is that the memories that were created somehow slip into the forefront every once and a while and when we do remember, or are reminded by our parents its like a special moment that can never be replaced or replicated.

Having a friend that is like a sister, someone who is dependable to all ends and that will be there for you with out judgement is the greatest gift of them all. I am so lucky and blessed that that girl down the street ended up as one of my friends.


Everything happens for a reason. We both know that we were meant to be each others Bestie, and our history can be changed, but it’s still a really weird thought to think: what if. What if we didn’t grow up in the same neighborhood? What if we just met each other in the last couple of years, or months for that matter? What if we never met? I know that for a fact our lives would have turned out completely different….

We grown and shaped our personalities on our own experiences, had the exceptional experience of influencing each other and learning from each others mistakes. Oh what would I do with our you?  REALLY ?!

Annette is #ABeautifulMess


So I have to say, I just adore A Beautiful Mess’ Blog! Its jam packed with a bunch of fun DIY projects, fashion ideas, and awesome photography and tips for newbies 😉 They recently just posted a new 30 day self portrait challenge, so as a 365 day veteran of selfies- I’m jumping on board!

When in college, I successfully completed a series of portraits taken over the course of my senior year for my thesis. Boy did I learn a lot and really learned how shallow, judgemental and unsupportive my peers really were. Well not all of them but a larger percentage than I would have thought of.



It was a really hard concept to put my self all out there. At first the project was me just dressing up and posing… I really didn’t have well thought out concepts. More time was put into what I was going to wear rather than the mood or concept/ reason for the portrait. Naturally, that was something I learned quickly overtime. Ambitious thoughts with goals of trying to get more across than just a pretty photo of myself started to transition a little after the 90/365 portrait.

My goals became focused on using my body as a tool, an object to get my ideas of ideals and expectations of woman, objectification of woman in the media, then transition into ideas and discussional pieces that dealt with sexuality and vulnerability.

I could have not expect to have gained the skills and grow the way that I did. Not only did my skills, but my ability to compose and shoot a beautiful, well executed portrait matured as well. but I as a person developed in ways that I don’t think would have happened if not for this particular life experience.

On the 365 day I felt as though I was finally heading in the direction of where I wanted to be and the project ended. I had thought about continuing with a weekly project. After the fourth week, I lost inspiration after exhausting my ideas for a year. Its been about 2 years exactly since its completion and I think I needed a little push, or at least a reminder to finish what I started.

I had actually recently stumbled upon a sign from the universe reminding me of my friend, Annette. I’m not sure exactly how the name came about, but it was just so natural when she was named. When I had initially decided to take the lunge and divorce myself from the figure of the girl in my portraits, Annette was born.

Annette was the answer to all my anxieties. She was my alter ego, my sub-in, my subconscious, and she quickly became my most powerful asset to my work. She allowed me to content with putting these images of my body on the walls of my studio and in the galleries of Monsterrat. I was satisfied that I had found my outlet, I was finally able execute my concepts freely.